Drafted by twelve streams and cross-cutting themes representing the World Commission on Protected Areas, these Innovative Approaches advance bold steps that will lead to the greatest transformations in decision-making, practice, policy, capacity and financing needed to demonstrate the value of protected areas to humanity, motivate and scale up broad sectoral collaboration around protected areas, and transform a full range of global, regional and local policies to advance towards a future where protected areas are regarded as one of the best investments for the planet and for us.

Based on innovative solutions from within and outside the protected areas community, Innovative Approaches offer a high-level ambition for change; up to ten recommendations to transform the enabling conditions for these aspirations; and the partners and interim steps needed to achieve them.

Stream 1: Achieving conservation goals (ENG) - ESP - FRA

Stream 2: Responding to climate change - ESP - FRA

Stream 3: Improving health and well-being - ESP - FRA

Stream 4: Supporting human life - ESP - FRA

Stream 5: Reconciling development challenges - ESP - FRA

Stream 6: Enhancing the diversity and quality of governance - ESP - FRA

Stream 7: Respecting indigenous and traditional knowledge and culture - ESP - FRA

Stream 8: Inspiring a new generation - ESP - FRA

World Heritage theme - ESP - FRA

Marine conservation theme - ESP - FRA

Capacity development theme - ESP - FRA

A New social compact theme - ESP - FRA

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