President, International Ranger Federation

Sean Willmore is the current President of the International Ranger Federation, with 64 associations on six continents. He is the Founder of its charity arm, The Thin Green Line Foundation, which supports rangers across the world in anti-poaching conservation work along with the widows and orphans of rangers killed in the line of duty - over 1,000 rangers have been killed in the last 10 years.

Mr Willmore has worked on the frontline of conservation with rangers in over 50 countries worldwide, from war zones in the Congo to Colombia. He has gone undercover with poachers (featured on ABC's Foreign Correspondent) and has faced the poachers’ guns himself. Mr Willmore works with and for the people at the pointy end of the conservation battle. Once an Australian Park Ranger, he now works for Park Rangers across the globe to, as he puts it, "protect nature’s protectors".

Mr Willmore has garnered the support and attention of worldwide figures including Dr Jane Goodall, The Duke of Cambridge, and the Clintons in the USA, and is supported at home by renowned writers, artists and musicians. He is the recipient of numerous awards including being nominated for Australian of The Year for six years running. He is also the Recipient of The Royal Humane Society Bravery Medal for a rescue attempt in his time as a ranger.

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