The International Union for Conservation of Nature, Parks Australia and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service are committed to working together to make the IUCN World Parks Congress, 2014 a sustainable event produced in compliant with the international standard ISO 20121: Event Sustainability Management Systems.

The Congress is the ideal place to showcase event sustainability.

We’re focussing on:

  • SAVING water, by using a venue that has strong water conservation and re-use systems in place
  • SAVING energy, through our AV, air conditioning and lighting choices
  • SAVING fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by sourcing 100% renewable energy
  • SAVING food miles by serving local and seasonal produce
  • SAVING GHGs by encouraging the uptake of public ground transport and carbon offsetting for air travel
  • SAVING waste to landfill, by ensuring the best possible waste reduction and segregation processes
  • SAVING resources and potential waste by only having ‘opt-in’ delegate packs and limited hand-outs
  • SAVING trees by going paper-free

Working closely with the venue, exhibitors, caterers, waste contractors, delegates and other suppliers and stakeholders, we have made a commitment towards fully understanding our impact and identifying ways to maximise the positive environmental, social and economic legacies of the event. Where possible, we are compensating for any direct and indirect negative impacts of the IUCN World Parks Congress and fostering actions which contribute to sustainable development.

Be a part of our sustainability journey and find out:

Read our sustainability policy:

We have developed an Event Sustainability Policy, which details more of our commitments and guides our purchasing and event design decisions. Download the Congress Sustainability Policy.

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