A set of key performance indicators, which are measureable and reportable have been developed to ensure the Congress is compliant with leading event management practices in the areas of:

  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Attendee travel
  • Production travel
  • Procurement
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Sustainability targets are written into specifications, contracts and letters of agreement and employment with relevant stakeholders. These are monitored by event production staff.

Performance targets will be created for the event based on the following:

  • Electricity: 10% reduction on existing venue kWh consumption benchmarks for events of this type and scale
  • Waste: 10% reduction on existing venue waste volume or weight benchmarks for events of this type and scale
  • Carbon Offsetting: 70% uptake of voluntary offsetting by event delegates
  • Attendee Travel: 90% of attendees travelling by public transport, walking or cycling to the Venue from hotels/home.
  • Procurement:
    • 100% of paper products from 100% post-consumer recycled or FSC Certified stock
    • 100% of coffee and tea sold/served from Rainforest Friendly or Fair trade sources.
    • 100% seafood from sustainable sources
    • 100% of food service ware compostable or in-country recyclable
    • Zero packaged water at the Congress (sold, brought in or given away)
    • 100% of signage from sustainable sources
    • 100% of signage diverted from landfill
    • 100% of timber from FSC or reclaimed sources
    • 100% of delegate accommodation at hotels with sustainability credentials

Read our sustainability policy:

We have developed an Event Sustainability Policy, which details more of our commitments and guides our purchasing and event design decisions. Download the Congress Sustainability Policy.

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