The National Steering Committee coordinates and contributes to the successful planning of the Congress, and advises on all Australia preparations in accordance with IUCN requirements.


  • Director of National Parks (Parks Australia) – Sally Barnes  (Co-chair)
  • Head of New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service – Ann King (Co-chair)
  • WCPA Regional Vice-Chair, and Director, Australian Committee for IUCN - Penelope Figgis
  • Director, New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service – Sally Chatterjee
  • IUCN Regional Councilor, Oceania – Dr Brendan Mackey
  • Conservation (non-government organisation)  representative – Gilly Llewellyn (WWF)
  • Parks Victoria – Dr Bill Jackson
  • SA Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources – Jason Irving
  • WA Department of Parks and Wildlife – Jim Sharp
  • Nominees of the Indigenous Advisory Committee – Chrissy Grant
  • Nominee of NSW Aboriginal Co-Management Board/Advisory Committee -  Yvonne Stewart
  • Professional Congress Organiser – Emma Bowyer (as observer)

Secretariat Contact

IUCN WCPA Parks Australia NSW NPWS