Developing capacity for protected areas

What kind of skills would park rangers need in the future? What kind of technology will help people manage protected areas effectively? Where can one study protected area management? Recognising the important role of capacity development in addressing current and future conservation and development challenges, capacity development is a cross-cutting theme of the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014.

As a Congress delegate you will have a unique opportunity to benefit from capacity development sessions that address cutting-edge issues on protected areas – both pre-Congress and during the Congress. Capacity development sessions are designed to be highly interactive and will be delivered by internationally-recognised experts and institutions.

Pre-Congress Capacity Development Sessions

Pre-Congress capacity development sessions are scheduled for November 11 and the morning of the 12th. If you are planning to attend the Congress we kindly encourage you to plan your trip to arrive in time to participate in these sessions, contribute to them and benefit from the strategic learning and exchange opportunities they provide.

Please note: you don't have to be a registered Congress delegate to attend one of the pre-Congress sessions. All attendees will need to liaise with the booking contact to secure your position.

Check out the timetable below for a summary of what pre-Congress sessions are available. You can also download the PDF for further details of each session.

Date & Time Workshop Title Workshop Description Venue Cost Booking Contact
11 November 2014
Innovations in Capacity Development Tools and Approaches Participants will review existing and potential emerging tools and strategies for capacity development Southee Complex, Room 3, Sydney Olympic Park Free of charge Madhu Rao
11 November 2014
Evaluating conservation capacity development: Synthesizing ideas and best practices Exploring effective evaluation methods for individual, organizational and societal CD programs Southee Complex, Room 3, Sydney Olympic Park Free of charge James R. Barborak
11 November 2014
2:00 pm-6:00 pm
Strategy Responding to climate change in island and coastal Biosphere Reserves Results presented on climate change in island and coastal Biosphere Reserves project Waratah Room at Olympic Hockey Grandstand near to Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre Building Shirley Strickland Avenue Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127 Free of charge Dr. Miguel Clüsener-Godt
12 November 2014
9:00 am-3:00 pm
Adaptation Pathways as a response to climate change Build capacity in the use of adaptation pathways to address climate impacts Karstens, Level 1, 111 Harrington St, The Rocks, Sydney AUD$40 Michael Dunlop
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12 November 2014
Developing a road map for CD for effective governance of conservation areas Global CD initiative strategic plan is explored and refined Southee Complex, Room 3, Sydney Olympic Park Free of charge Domoina Rakotobe
12 November 2014
9:00 am-3:00 pm
Effective Communication about Climate Change Effective communication techniques for capacity development Karstens, Level 1, 111 Harrington St, The Rocks, Sydney AUD$40 Claire Moore
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Registration contact

In-Congress Capacity Development Sessions

A dedicated capacity development training room at the Congress will see over 25 capacity development sessions delivered in-Congress from 13-19 November. These sessions are available to all registered Congress delegates. They range from strategic planning for capacity development programmes to peer-to-peer training sessions for Indigenous Peoples and local community leaders on mapping and monitoring techniques. Highlights include:

  • IUCN WCPA and partner developed protected area capacity development tools and documents will be featured in four sessions. They include a Global Register of Competences for four levels of protected area professionals; a Body of Knowledge electronic database that will be organized, and codified by competence and professional level; a document that describes how organizations can develop their own certification programme for protected area professionals; and a conceptual strategic framework for capacity development initiatives, including how to measure the effectiveness and results of CD initiatives and interventions.
  • Indigenous Peoples, local communities and protected areas will be presented in four different sessions. Topics range from “Capacity Development for Resilience: Indigenous Peoples and local communities and diverse knowledge systems” to, “Indigenous Peoples, protected areas and philanthropy”.
  • Marine protected areas capacity development will be featured. One workshop will guide participants through the CD cycle, including how to conduct needs assessments, recruiting and training teams and monitoring and evaluating changes in capacity, using case study examples from Indonesia’s National MPA Management CD Program.
  • Early morning “Capacity Development Resource Fairs” sessions that will feature tools and programmes in an setting where participants can walk from station to station to talk with each presenter to have one-on-one discussions about topics ranging from formal and informal training tools to available mentorship programmes.
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