Under the Dome, at the heart of the World Parks Congress, the Pavilions will offer a glimpse into the vast range of work of IUCN and its partners. This is where delegates can learn about some of the most innovative partnerships and initiatives that will drive global conservation over the coming years, and meet and network with the relevant people.

The Pavilions also provide a hub for conservation practitioners in their respective field and are an ideal venue to continue discussions started in other sessions, meet the speakers or simply mingle with other Congress delegates.

The six Pavilions will cover the following themes:

  • Ocean +
  • Protected Planet
  • Conservation Finance
  • Nature based Solutions
  • Business and Biodiversity
  • Communities Dialogue

They will be open from 7am to 9.30pm and will be organised around small size conferences, talks, short events, launches or poster sessions.

Each pavilion is under the responsibility of a pavilion manager in charge of overall coordination, planning and design.  For more information about the pavilions, please contact the pavilion managers.

More about the Pavilions

Ocean + Pavilion

Oceans host vast and unknown biodiversity that few of us have seen. We will bring the ocean to you! Using the very latest in technology, you will be invited to discover the wonders of the ocean realm. The Ocean+ pavilion will connect live with people on the ground and will serve as the Hub for the ocean community to share knowledge, films and product launches as well as exchanging views and socialising.

Pavilion Manager: Elisabeth Kjellqvist
Contact: Elisabeth.KJELLQVIST@iucn.org

Protected Planet Pavilion

The Protected Planet Pavilion will be the unique and prominent global platform providing the world’s decision makers and the community of practice with the best possible global information, knowledge and tools for the planning and management of protected areas and world heritage sites. Our objectives are to position the use of quality information at the heart of decision making processes, and to promote technological solutions and decision support tools to provide answers to difficult questions about landscape scale issues. The Pavilion will be an open and dynamic space, hosting launch events, technology showcases and proving an informal area for discussion. Each day we will have a different theme – Grasslands, Wetlands, Marine & Islands, Forests, Polar - and this will be reflected in the events and display. The Pavilion is a partnership of UNEP-WCMC and IUCN.

Pavilion Manager: Naomi Kingston
Contact: Naomi.kingston@unep-wcmc.org

Conservation Finance Pavilion

People run protected areas, finance makes it work. Indispensable yet often insufficient, hard to get and fast to spend, finance remains the backbone of conservation work. To address the need for finance, or rather more often the gap in finance, the Pavilion will display solid tools for financial needs analysis of protected areas and then showcase various available instruments: Conservation Trust Funds mobilising beyond traditional donors, business and investor-driven approaches breaking new grounds, and small grants mechanisms effectively enabling civil society organisations to play a stronger role in conservation. The Pavilion will enable practitioners to share lessons and successes on PA Financing with the aspiration that globally countries can adopt and replicate successes. The Pavilion will be managed by the Conservation Finance Alliance with specific support from its Working Group on Protected Area Financing, which is also now the IUCN’s WCPA’s specialist group for Protected Area Financing.

Pavilion Manager: Sylvie Goyet
Contact: goyet@lafiba.org

Nature Based Solutions Pavilion

Is the aspiration of restoring paradise utopian? Addressing this burning question, the Pavilion will present nature based solutions as the way to build long-lasting answers to increase the resilience of ecosystems and societies effectively. The Pavilion will present the building of resilience from the local to the global. It will share case studies on adaptation to climate change, coming from different areas of the world. It will showcase successful results of natural solutions contributing to the reduction of impacts of natural disasters. Publications of best practice will be launched and cultural diversity promoted as a core element of natural solutions. Focused on the future, the Pavilion will also present views from our youth about future changes through activities, exhibitions and showcases. A large tree will be the centerpiece of the pavilion representing communities involved in these topics. The pavilion will be managed by the Commission on Ecosystem Management through the Ecosystem Management Program of IUCN.

Pavilion Manager: Angela Andrade
Contact: aandrade@conservation.org

Business and Biodiversity Pavilion

Business has an important role – and a direct interest – in conserving nature and promoting its sustainable use. From “no go” areas and nature-based enterprises to lessons from the field and the latest technologies, the Business and Biodiversity Pavilion will showcase solutions to some of the challenges facing the private sector across several industries. Open to all delegates, the Pavilion will feature informative sessions and opportunities for dialogue with leading industry experts, government officials, civil society and scientists. It is sponsored in partnership with the Dutch Government and WBCSD.

Pavilion Manager: Virginie Bonnell
Contact: virginie.bonnell@iucn.org

WIN & Pacific Community Dialogue Pavilion

Indigenous and local communities around the world are on the frontlines of sustainable development, working to advance innovative solutions that work for both people and nature. WIN, the World Network of Indigenous and Local Community Land and Sea Managers is a global platform that brings together these communities to share their knowledge and practices in managing ecosystems, protecting the environment, and supporting sustainable livelihoods. With the Congress held in Oceania, it is an opportunity to showcase Pacific perspectives on these topics.

The WIN & Pacific Community Dialogue Pavilion will host a community dialogue for land and sea managers with expertise in protected areas and indigenous and community conserved areas. The pavilion is open to all WPC participants and guests. Everyone is welcome to join in the dialogue discussions and trainings. The community dialogue will include a mix of formal and informal expert led sessions and capacity development workshops including a 3-dimensional community mapping exhibit and training.

Pavilion Manager: Eileen de Ravin
Contact: eileen.de.ravin@undp.org

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