The World Leaders' Dialogues are the 'prime time' high-level sessions held during the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014. They feature internationally-recognized experts, politicians, CEOs, activists and indigenous leaders in a series of seven moderated public debates tackling key issues related to protected areas, conservation and sustainable development. Led by people whose personal achievements influence others and translate words into actions, the Dialogues will prompt new thinking in a bid to attain transformational changes for parks, people and our planet.

The World Leaders' Dialogues are held daily from 17:30 to 19:00 in Hall 6 with the exception of the Food for Thought Dialogue which is scheduled for 14:30 to 16:00 on 16 November.

13 November: The Future Is Not What It Used To Be – how parks can help build a more resilient future

How can protected areas be at the centre of the resilience debate, especially with regard to climate change mitigation and adaptation? This World Leaders' Dialogue will discuss how parks can contribute to building a sounder future for all.

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14 November: Ante Up – money matters and the value of parks

What are the new possibilities for sustainable financing of protected areas? How might they raise funds? This World Leaders' Dialogue will explore different ideas from around the world, from the payment for ecosystem services to trust funds and green taxes.

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15 November: Stand Up for Your Rights – parks and social equity

Social equity is a fundamental condition for effective conservation measures, as these should not accentuate or perpetuate social, gender, economic or cultural inequities. This World Leaders' Dialogue will endeavour to find new ways to ensure social equity in conservation and natural resource use.

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16 November: Food for Thought – feeding nine billion within our planetary boundaries

As consumers in a globalized food production and distribution system how can our choices help reverse our food insecurity trends, in a bid to reduce global poverty and hunger? This World Leaders' Dialogue will debate trade-offs between bio-fuels, food and fodder, and look into the impact of genetically modified organisms.

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16 November: Health, Naturally – managing healthy parks for healthy people

For millennia, communities have understood the inherent health benefits gained from nature. At a time when more and more people suffer from the 'nature deficit disorder', this World Leaders' Dialogue will challenge the health and parks sectors to give the evidence and outline opportunities for managing healthy parks for healthy people.

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17 November: The Nature of Crime – the extent and impact of illegal wildlife trade

Illegal wildlife trade is on the rise and is decimating the world's wildlife. Many species valued by poachers are now confined to protected areas, and in many countries parks are the prime target. This World Leaders' Dialogue will explore the causes and effects of illegal wildlife trade, and new approaches and investments to combat it.

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18 November: A Balancing Act – how global appetite for mineral resources defines the fate of protected areas

Global consumption patterns directly impact protected areas, such as through mining for minerals and drilling for oil and gas, either within protected areas or sufficiently close to impact their integrity. This World Leaders' Dialogue will consider the often hidden costs of our growing appetite for resources.

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