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586 Schools, families and communities: it all comes together Stream Session Workshop PDF icon 586_1_Presentation session.pdf
PDF icon 586_2_Benavides-Children.pdf
PDF icon 586_3_Connecting Animals, People and the Environment.pdf
952 Pacific Island Leaders Talanoa: Joint Press Conference with Pacific Leaders, Presidents and Ministers Stream Session Question and Answer
369 Can protected areas reduce risks? Case studies from around the world Stream Session Launch Event File 369_wpcreport_AS.docx
PDF icon 369_2_Ford-Hurricane Katrina.pdf
PDF icon 369_3_Pert-CaseStudy Cyclones.pdf
PDF icon 369_Mantalingahan- Philippines.pdf
PDF icon 369_5_Murti-Safe Havens.pdf
233 Protected areas and human-wildlife conflict Stream Session Lecture File 233_wpcreport_HC.docx
PDF icon 233_1_Waithaka-Parks Canada's Protected Area Management Approaches that Prevent or Minimise Human Wildlife Conflicts.pdf
PDF icon 233_3_Rao-Making Voluntary Resettlement Work.pdf
PDF icon 233_5_Perez gil-Human-Wildlife Conflicts.pdf
912 The extractive industry, protected areas and competing claims: enhancing the dialogue Stream Session Panel Discussion File 912_wpcreport_DA.docx
875 Knowledge for action: Promoting innovation among Environmental Funds project Stream Session Panel Discussion
440 Mobilizing financial resources for protected areas (Part 1) Stream Session Panel Discussion File 440_wpcreport_GD.docx
PDF icon 440_1_Mora-Private Sector Contribution to Protected Areas, Studies in Colombia and Peru.pdf
PDF icon 440_2_BIOFIN-Mobilizing financial resources for protected areas.pdf
PDF icon 440_3_ICooperation-Mobilizing financial resources for protected areas.pdf
PDF icon 440_4_Zuñiga-Iniciativa Finanzas para la Biodiversidad - BIOFIN.pdf
PDF icon 440_5_Arenas-Diseño, Construcción e Implementación de Mecanismos de Financiamiento Sostenible en Áreas Naturales Protegidas con el Sector Privado.pdf
PDF icon 440_6_Protected Area Financing in India, Issues and Challengues.pdf
692 Competences for protected area personnel: A Global Register Stream Session Workshop
403 Financing protected areas through payments for environmental services (PES): A possibility? Stream Session Panel Discussion File 403_wpcreport_AS.docx
PDF icon 403_1_Rama-Financing protected areas through payments for environmental services.pdf
545 Traditional marine management systems and international policies and targets Stream Session Workshop File 545_wpcreport_ND.docx
PDF icon 545_1_Kunen-Traditional Fire Management and Climate Mitigation.pdf
PDF icon 545_2_Filardi-Becoming the Forest.pdf
PDF icon 545_4_Kalamia-Southern Fijian Perspectives on Community-based Marine Resource Conservation.pdf
PDF icon 545_5_Tauetia-Traditional Marine Management Systems - International Policies and Targets.pdf
587 How millennials are engaging children with the environment Stream Session Workshop File 587_wpcreport_AJ.docx
PDF icon 587_1_Malam&Nicholls-Scouts, connecting youth with nature for over a century.pdf
PDF icon 587_2_How Millennials Are Engaging Children with the Environment.pdf
PDF icon 587_3_Connecting young people.pdf
954 Economic Values of Pacific Marine Ecosystems (MACBIO) Stream Session Networking Event
505 Resilient livelihoods 2 Stream Session Dialogue File 505_wpcreport_GP.docx
234 Global gap analysis of protected area coverage of biodiversity Stream Session Lecture File 234_wpcreport_NL.docx
PDF icon 234_1_Butchart-How well do protected areas cover biodiversity.pdf
PDF icon 234_2_Ferrier-Ecological representativeness of terrestrial protected areas.pdf
PDF icon 234_3_Venter-The future of protected areas and threatened species a cautionary tale.pdf
PDF icon 234_4_Di Minin-Global conservation prioritization for Aichi Target 11.pdf
913 Ecosystem services and protected areas Stream Session Panel Discussion File 913_wpcreport_MS.docx
PDF icon 913_1_Valuing Nature,Protected Areas and Ecosystem Services.pdf
472 Effective and equitable governance of the landscape (Part 1 of a three-hour session) Stream Session Workshop PDF icon 472_1_Farvar-Effective and equitable governance of landscape, of country, territory, Mother Earth.pdf
PDF icon 472_Effective and equitable governance of the landscape (Part 1 of a three-hour session) Workshop Summary Report.pdf
876 Comparative Advantages study launching event Stream Session Panel Discussion
301 Assessing resource and cultural vulnerability to climate change Stream Session Panel Discussion File 301_wpcreport_MM.docx
PDF icon 301_ S Jupiter-New framework for monitoring changes.pdf
PDF icon 301_G Rambeloarisoa-From science to decision in Madagascar.pdf
PDF icon 301_J Cinner-Vulnerability of coastal communities.pdf
PDF icon 301_W Foden-Assesssing species vulnerability.pdf
441 Protected areas, natural capital accounting, and economic valuation (Part 2) Stream Session Capacity Development File 441_wpcreport_DA.docx
PDF icon 441_1_Eigenraam-The UN System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA)Accounting' for parks ecosystem services.pdf
PDF icon 441_2_SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounts for the Great Barrier Reef.pdf
PDF icon 441_3_Obst-SEEA The International Standard for Environmental-Economic Accounting.pdf
693 A Body of Knowledge for protected area management Stream Session Workshop
831 Community Management of Protected Areas Conservation (COMPACT): UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme and UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Book Launch and Reception Stream Session Networking Event
404 Rising to the challenge: sustainable financing of protected areas Stream Session Panel Discussion File 404_wpcreport_PG.docx
PDF icon 404_1_Muldoon-A role for financed Marine Managed Areas and Tenure Systems.pdf
PDF icon 404_2_Levetan-Maintaining the charge for ecosystem service flows.pdf
PDF icon 404_3_Using innovative financing to safeguard the cornucopia.pdf
PDF icon 404_4_Garcia-Economic impacts of marine protected areas.pdf
PDF icon 404_5_Bellot-Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Mexican.pdf
588 Two New South Wales case studies: from pre-school to high school Stream Session Workshop File 588_wpcreport_AJ.docx
PDF icon 588_1_Inspiring a New Generation-Investing in Children Presentation.pdf
PDF icon 588_2_Bush School presentation.pdf
PDF icon 588_3_WPC Fuse, A secondary schools education program.pdf
955 Talanoa and Kava Session Stream Session Excursion
371 Nature-based solutions for disasters: lessons from practices on the ground Stream Session Lecture File 371_wpcreport_AS.docx
PDF icon 371_1_Smith-Managing Watersheds for Resilience.pdf
PDF icon 371_2_Shi-Reducing Drought Risk by Improving Access to Freshwater and Forest Conservation.pdf
PDF icon 371_3_Adhicari-Ecosystem based Road Side Bioengineering.pdf
PDF icon 371_4_Ogar-Native Institution for the Governance of the Environment.pdf
506 Resilient livelihoods 1 Stream Session Dialogue File 506_wpcreport_GP.docx
235 Innovative protected area management (Part 3) Stream Session Panel Discussion File 235_wpcreport_KR.docx
PDF icon 235_1_Lopoukhine-Innovation in park management.pdf
PDF icon 235_2_Gardner-Appropriate Approaches to Capacity Development for Protected Areas Management in Small Island Developing States.pdf
PDF icon 235_3_Lisboa-Megadiversity in Virua National Park.pdf
PDF icon 235_4_Hicks and Quincy-Resilience, risk and return on investment - Innovations from the Great Barrier Reef field management program.pdf
PDF icon 235_5_ Izurieta-Galalpagos Protected Areas Managment Plan.pdf
914 New social compact: Dialogue on a global compact for sustainable economics and environmental integrity Stream Session Dialogue
339 Connecting people and parks Stream Session Panel Discussion File 339_wpcreport_MC.docx
File 339_Introductory slide.pptx
PDF icon 339_1-G Moore-Keynote-Parks for all forever.pdf
PDF icon 339_2-S Wills-Active in Parks Australia.pdf
PDF icon 339_3-T Henderson-Heart Foundation-Park Walks.pdf
PDF icon 339_4-5-Tapaninen Finton-Top End of Europe.pdf
PDF icon 339_6-K Wheeler-Golden Gate-Park prescriptions.pdf
PDF icon 339_Closing slides.pdf
PDF icon 339_7_Saintz-Can an International Trails Network Deliver Increased Benefits to Protected Areas.pdf
473 Effective and equitable governance of the landscape (Part 2 of a three-hour session) Stream Session Workshop File 473_wpcreport_SB.docx
PDF icon 473_1_Effective and equitable governance of the landscape.pdf
PDF icon 473_3_Indigenous Protected Area Discussion.pdf
PDF icon 473_4_Mitchell-Privately Protected Areas Sterwardship.pdf
PDF icon 473_Effective and equitable governance of the landscape (Part 2 of a three-hour session) Workshop Summary Report.pdf
729 ZSL: An integrated response to the conservation of high-value threatened species Stream Session Capacity Development
877 Launch of the 7th edition of the Conservation Trust Funds Investment Survey (CTIS) Stream Session Panel Discussion
302 World Heritage, large landscapes, and climate change Stream Session Workshop File 302_wpcreport_JD.docx
PDF icon 302_1-Policy and legal options-Ben Boer.pdf
PDF icon 302_2-Performance of World Heritage Sites against human and climatic stressors.pdf
File 302_3-Wilderness conservation under the World Heritage Convention.pptx
PDF icon 302_4-The role of Indigenous People in the management of Large Landscapes.pdf
PDF icon 302_5World Heritage Wildernes-Kormos.pdf
PDF icon 302_6-WildernessApproach can help protect natural world heritage.pdf
PDF icon 302_4_Huntington-Indigenous Use of the Arctic Ocean.Space, Time, Flexibility.pdf
442 Protected areas, natural capital accounting, and economic valuation (Part 1) Stream Session Panel Discussion File 442_wpcreport_DA.docx
PDF icon 442_1_McLellan-The significance of protecting Natural Capital in greening the world's economies.pdf
PDF icon 442_2_Devanadera-Lessons from the Implementation of the Wealth Accounting.pdf
694 Capacity development for marine protected areas â?? A planning guide series Stream Session Workshop
833 The Hadza: Last of the First', Film Screening, Discussion and Reception Stream Session Launch Event
405 USAID's Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment Stream Session Panel Discussion PDF icon 405_1_Braconnage-Grands défis de la lutte contre la criminalité faunique en Afrique centrale.pdf
PDF icon 405_2_Siam-Les Aires Protégées au Tchad.pdf
PDF icon 405_1_Braconnage-Grands défis de la lutte contre la criminalité faunique en Afrique centrale.pdf
PDF icon 405_2_Siam-Les Aires Protégées au Tchad.pdf
PDF icon 405_3_Russel-The Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment, Past, Present and Future.pdf
PDF icon 405_4_Braconnage-Grands défis de la lutte contre la criminalité faunique en Afrique centrale.pdf
PDF icon 405_5_Plumptre-Conservation Planning.pdf
PDF icon 405_6_Davis-Improving forest mapping and monitoring in the Congo Basin.pdf
PDF icon 405_7_Sumba-African Wildlife Foundation - Community Involvement in Protected Areas Managment.pdf
PDF icon 405_8_Wilkie-Are we making a difference - Five measures to assess our conservation impact.pdf
548 Where to from here? Our commitments to action Stream Session Launch Event File 548_wpcreport_EL.docx
PDF icon 548_1_Inspiring a New Generation Summit N American.pdf
589 Connecting families and their children to nature worldwide Stream Session Workshop File 589_wpcreport_AJ.docx
PDF icon 589_1_Kids in Nature Network.pdf
PDF icon 589_2_Investing in Children.pdf
PDF icon 589_3_GLongley-Nature Play.pdf
PDF icon 589_4_McClelland-Nature Play NSW.pdf
PDF icon 589_5_Charles-Children&Nature Network.pdf
PDF icon 589_6_Wenyang-Family eco-tourism.pdf
956 Pacific Delegation debrief Stream Session Debate
236 Freshwater Session 2 â?? Freshwater Biodiversity Outcomes from Protected Areas. Stream Session Lecture File 236_wpcreport_HC.docx
PDF icon 236_1_Berney-Achieving Conservation Outcomes in Temporary Wetlands in Eastern Australia.pdf
PDF icon 236_2_Singh-Setting up of Tri-state Coordination Mechanism for Conservation Riverine Protected Area in India.pdf
PDF icon 236_3_The past, present and future of freshwater conservation planning.pdf
PDF icon 236_4_Nel-National indicators for measuring levels of threat and protection of ecosystems.pdf
340 Valuing diverse knowledge paradigms â?? science, traditional knowledge and people-parks connections Stream Session Panel Discussion File 340_wpcreport_ES.docx
PDF icon 340_1-C Henderson Wilson-Engaging with parks Enhancing Health.pdf
PDF icon 340_2-D Alvira-Human wellbeing and conservation.pdf
PDF icon 340_3-J Kingsley-Traditional owner groups in health research.pdf
PDF icon 340_4-C Golden-Social media and mental health.pdf
File 340_Open and closing slides.pptx
PDF icon 340_5_Boumba Bek Nki National Parks in Cameroon, an illustration on conservation contradictions in the Congo Basin.pdf
PDF icon 340_6_Mathe-Cartographie participative, outil de mobilisation communautaire pour le dialogue.pdf
474 Effective and equitable governance of the seascape (Part 1 of a three-hour session) Stream Session Workshop File 474_wpcreport_RD.docx
PDF icon 474_Workshop3.3 INTRO.pdf
PDF icon 474_2-Irving-MPAs in Brazil.pdf
PDF icon 474_3-Hastings-Effective Governance Singapore.pdf
PDF icon 474_4-Ari Gorring-Governance of seascapes.pdf
PDF icon 474_5-Jones-Haida Gwaii marine planning.pdf
PDF icon 474_6-Dhimurru Australia.pdf
PDF icon 474_7-Francisco Viddi-Chilean Patagonian fjords.pdf
PDF icon 474_9-Savu Sea marine national park.pdf
PDF icon 474_10-Combest-Friedman-Central America and Ecuador.pdf
PDF icon 474_11-Govan-Fiji and Solomon Islands.pdf
PDF icon 474_2nd session-Peart-Hauraki Gulf New Zealand.pdf
PDF icon 474_0_Building capacity for participatory, ecosystem-based marine.pdf
PDF icon 474_01_Haida Gwaii Marine Planning and Implementation.pdf
PDF icon 474_Effective and equitable governance of the seascape (Part 1 of a three-hour session) Workshop Summary Report.pdf
878 An introduction to conservation finance studies: Emphasizing Environmental Funds\â?? roles Stream Session Networking Event
123 Marine Wilderness 10+10 Project â?? Bringing back the wild around the world Other Dialogue
1 210 Reconciling Development Challenges (World Heritage) rapid fire presentations Other ePoster
80 Managing protected areas in the face of climate change Other Launch Event
1 178 Reaching Conservation Goals (Marine and New Social Compact) rapid fire presentations Other ePoster
592 The Nature of Crime - the extent and impact of illegal wildlife trade Other Dialogue File 592_wpcreport_CJ.docx
514 Customary and Indigenous Law and Governance Other Workshop PDF icon 514_0_Customary Law agenda.pdf
PDF icon 514_1_Aguilar-Respecting Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge and Cultures.pdf
PDF icon 514_2_Parkinson-Plural governance of marine and terrestrial protected areas under customary tenure in the Pacific Island Countries.pdf
PDF icon 514_3_Martinez-Customary law of indigenous communities in Colombia.pdf
PDF icon 514_4_Sau-Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area.pdf


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